Dance like no one's watching. Write like no one's reading...? Um... not exactly.

Written words don't mean much if they're never read, which makes writing and reading a package deal. Writers need readers. Readers need writers. I write what's meaningful to me—but with the hope that my words will also be meaningful to others.

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While SusanQuilty.com started long, long ago in a more typical online-journal style, it's evolved a lot over the years. These days, it's a space to open the door on my inner writing world.

A few earlier posts remain—mainly random thoughts, flash fiction, and some tips for freelance writing. Otherwise, I'm starting over and sharing a bit of my latest journey. And whatever else comes to mind.

My first novel, The Insistence of Memory, is available for sale online! 

You can currently purchase The Insistence of Memory at Amazon (paperback and Kindle) or Barnes & Noble (paperback).

Now that my first novel is out in the reading world, I hope you'll check it out. It's a story that's dear to my heart, featuring two strong women navigating some pretty challenging and unusual circumstances. Read more about the book and what inspired it here.

If you like The Insistence of Memory, please consider leaving a review on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and/or Goodreads. Indie writers don't have the strength of a professional marketing department, which makes your support, reviews, and recommendations to friends all the more appreciated!!

I'm working hard on my next book (and plans for the one after that!), but will post more here as often as I can, documenting my progress and sharing random thoughts along the way.

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