To the Left of Death

My second novel, To the Left of Death, is now available on Amazon in both paperback and Kindle editions!

From the back cover:

She didn't bring the gun. She didn't pull the trigger. But she tried to stop the blood, and she held him as he died. 
When an elementary school teacher witnesses murder, she's left with painful memories and an inability to make peace with her experience. She now goes through the motions of daily life, sitting up night after night with her never-ending thoughts and everlasting bourbon. 
A return to her teenage love of drawing begins to revive her, but will her art be a salvation or a path back into the swirling mystery of that fateful day? 
To the Left of Death takes a first-person look at the struggle to find connection and purpose while navigating the lingering effects of trauma.

 A little backstory:

My inspiration for writing often comes from a passing thought that continues to tug at the back of my mind. The story in To the Left of Death came from the idea that, while we mainly focus on our own lives, we’re also all background players in other people’s stories.

As our lives play out, tragic moments sometimes pull an “extra” into a starring role, whether they want to be or not. That idea led to imagining the trauma of being present at someone’s murder without understanding the context around it. The story evolved from there.

To the Left of Death explores some of the pain and confusion that can come with surviving trauma. You can learn more about Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) through the PTSD Alliance and the National Center for PTSD.

Being an indie author:

Writing a novel is a massive undertaking, but self-publishing brings a whole new range of mountains to climb. I learned a lot when self-publishing my first novel, The Insistence of Memory, and while I considered shopping around my second novel, I ultimately decided to stay on my indie author track for now.

I'm beginning to understand how to navigate self-promotion and have been encouraged by the support of friends, family, and my (gradually) growing fan base. My first book signing at Barnes & Noble went well and I've begun finding opportunities to reach readers, such as through book clubs and local events.

Of course, my best resource for promotion is through word of mouth. If you enjoy reading To the Left of Death (and/or my other writing), please write a review and tell your friends. Just a few minutes of your time can be an enormous help.

Thank you for reading and for supporting my work!

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