The Insistence of Memory

My first novel, The Insistence of Memory, is now available on in both Kindle and paperback form.

From the back cover:
Nothing could prepare Joanne for the secrets her husband left behind. As she stumbles through each day, attempting to raise their young daughters alone, Joanne soon learns that Jeff’s basement tinkering had led to a remarkable invention: a machine that can record memories and play them back in someone else’s mind.
Now, Jeff’s partner-in-crime wants to turn their unfinished project into a money-making scheme, while Joanne’s best friend argues the dangers of dredging up buried memories. Joanne’s heartache must take a backseat as she struggles to find balance between supporting the future of Jeff’s incredible discovery and keeping her own troubled history safely locked in the past. 
The Insistence of Memory gently bends reality to let readers explore the truth of what we remember. What is real? What is blurred? What would we never want revealed?
 A little backstory:

The Insistence of Memory is not the first novel that I've started writing, but it is the first that I've finished and shared with the world. I came up with the general idea for it several years ago, though the plot has changed drastically since then.

It took a long time to decide which direction I wanted to take this story, so I set it aside for several years while working on other projects. Yet, the idea continued to rattle around. One day, an ending occurred to me and the rest began to fall into place.

Writing The Insistence of Memory was challenging, but it helped me refine my own fiction writing process and learn how to overcome the inevitable doubts and setbacks on the way to completing a novel.

Once I'd finished the book, I spent several months researching literary agents and sending out query letters, before giving up in a fit of depression.

If you've never researched the statistics on an unknown author breaking into traditional publishing, the chances are not good. The process is frustratingly slow and the rejections are demoralizing (even when some were kind and encouraging).

I began working on another book, but The Insistence of Memory still hung over my head. It didn't feel right to leave it hiding away on my laptop. So I decided to give self-publishing a try.

It may never get a wide audience, but I'm proud of The Insistence of Memory and I hope that those who read it will enjoy the story enough to recommend it to others. Because a book is written to be read.

Thank you for reading and for supporting me through this journey!