About this site:

This site, SusanQuilty.com, began several years ago on a whim. It was your average blog, sharing thoughts on a random mix of topics. A mishmash of writing, photography, drawing and other interests.

I've recently decided to reinvent the space with a focus on writing, both freelance and fiction. Most of the old posts have been archived and new ones are gradually taking their place.

The new site will include tips for freelance writers and for writing in general. You may find articles on productivity and working from home, as well as ideas for writing exercises.

Just for fun, I'll also occasionally post some other writing pieces, such as:

Essays - My thoughts on a given topic, often--but not always--writing or storytelling related. This includes some favorite posts from my original, free-form blog.

Flash Fiction - These tiny snippets of stories come from a simple writing prompt, which I keep as the title. The goal is to keep them under 400 words, while still giving the sense of a larger story.

Satire/Humor - Snarky, silly or sarcastic posts that don't quite fit elsewhere. Satire is a rather loose title here. But satire's subjective anyway, so, whatever.

About me, Susan Quilty:

I love writing. I always have and expect I always will.

Since 2007, I have been self-employed as a freelance writer, providing both online and print content for a wide range of clients. I am also a registered yoga teacher (RYT-200) and teach vinyasa yoga on a part-time basis. Prior to my writing and yoga career, I worked as a Unix sysadmin.

Other blogs I've created include Dancing Frog Yoga and Atheist Living.