Literal Wordplay for the Literally Wordwise

Once upon a time, literally meant actual. But why stick to those guns when figurative speech is the spice of life? Metaphor paints a picture and similes make meanings as clear as the calm blue sea.

As clear as a bell.

As clear as crystal.

As clear as the tears of a clown.

Idioms add color for those in the know. Slang separates the white bread from those who are hip AF.

For reals, when you speak—or write—from the heart, cut and dried meanings take a backseat to the magic spell of a rhetoric that murmurs and sings, ebbs and flows, with the rhythm of life.

A wordsmith with mad skills deserves the shout-outs, the props, and the major league swagger. What does meaning matter when words are getting fatter? It's all shifting sands in the land of make-believe where we make our own truth and speak from the soul.

But the grammar police gets hot under the collar, bent outta shape, and all up in arms over meanings that don't hit the mark. It doesn't matter that they're in the vernacular. That they spread like wildfire or come with the territory of literary evolution.

That figurative literal makes their skin crawl. Like nails on a chalkboard or the screech of a tire.

Though they'll be just as steamed if you agree that it seams we should all just nip it in the butt.

Battle lines are drawn online, but is it much ado about nothing?

Is it trolling or a true bone to pick?

Different strokes for different folks? Or a catch-22 that will always send us back to square one?

Can we communicate when we're cutting corners? Painting pictures and counting chickens from too many eggs in a shared basket?

Are we spiraling down to a small world where you need the hot skinny to see eye to eye?

At the end of the day, if the whole nine yards becomes smoke and mirrors, the literal meaning is anyone's call.

A game of telephone that's a flight of fancy where no one holds the keys to the kingdom.

If those chickens come home to roost and we can't clinch any deal with one voice, then Elvis has left the building.

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