A to Z Character Name Game

Alphabet word games are a great way to get your creativity flowing. For this one, let's focus on character names.

Some people love choosing character names, others hate it. I like to get inspiration from sites like Behind the Name or Social Security's Popular Baby Names. But this writing exercise is less about choosing great character names and more about seeing how many first names you can recall when under the clock.

The rules for this writing exercise are simple: Use a timer to give yourself one minute to list as many first names as you can that start with the letter A. Then, give yourself one minute to list names that begin with the letter B, and so on, moving through the alphabet one minute at a time.

Some letters are easier than others, but you may find—as I did—that turning on a one-minute timer can make your mind go blank.

My timed results are below:

Andria Amanda Andrew Arnold Alfred Alphonso Armando Abigail Andy Agatha Adele Angie Annie Anya Alyssa Arianna

Brandon Brian Brenda Beyonce Barbara Beth Ben Bethany Bryce Brooke Bill Brandy Bonnie Betsy Betty Blair Benson

Caroline Carol Carl Candy Charles Charlie Christina Charisma Candace Carly Cameron Cecilia Cecil Cathy Carter

David Duke Daphne Delores Debbie Debra Dennis Dave Donald Donna Dion Dina Diane Diana Dakota

Elliot Esther Eunice Emilio Emily Emma Eleanor Edward Evan Eduardo Evelyn Eve Ezra

Fiona Fred Frederick Francine Frasier Fantasia Frannie Ford Faith Felicia

George Georgina Georgia Gerald Gerry Gwendolyn Gwen Gertrude Gert Gabby Gerome Gina

Harold Harry Henry Hank Hettie Hermione Hannah Herman Hannibal Horatio Hamilton Herra

Isobel Isauro Iggy Ignatius Ingrid Indra Isabella Izzy Ian Ianto

Janice Jack Jessica Jerome Jerry Jeff Joanne Joanna Joseph Josephine Jeremy Jeremiah Jackie Jackson Joe Jill Jenson Jonathan

Killian Kenneth Ken Katherine Kate Kaitlin Kara Katie Kendra Kennedy

Laura Leanne Lenny Len Linus Luke Lucas Lucia Luciana Lucile Lulu Layla Lloyd Lenard Leo

Mark Michael Meghan Marty Maris Marilyn Myles Marina Merida Melissa Manny Mary Madelyn Maddie Meggie Maggie Martha Matthew Matt

Nathan Nancy Niles Nicole Noelle Nicholas Nicky Nick Natasha Natalia Natalie Nate Nat Nina

Ophelia Opal Odessa Octavia Olympia Oliver Ollie Olivia Olive Oscar Ozzie

Peter Paul Patty Peggy Patsy Patricia Patrick Pat Penny Petra Padma Phillip Patrice

Quin Quincy Queen Queenie

Robert Roberta Roger Rihanna Reba Rachael Rebecca Richard Rick Rita Rose Rosa Rosie Rochelle

Stacy Simon Sarah Susan Shushan Simone Shannon Sharon Shirley Sheldon Suzanna Shelly

Tabitha Timothy Terrance Tina Trevor Teresa Thomas Tommy Terry Tony Trish Tricia

Urusla Uma Ulysses Una

Veronica Viola Vincent Vinnie Veruca Vanessa Violet Vicky Victoria Victor Vikram Vada

Wendy Wendall Waldo Walter Walt Winnie Winifred Wyatt Wayne Wanda Wally Wallace Winona

Xena Xander Xavier

Yancy Yvonne Yvette Yves Yolanda

Zachery Zach Zachariah Zebadiah Zsazsa Zephyr

Try not to stress over spelling, variety or any other factors. Just type the first names that come to mind. I'm surprised at some of the names that jumped into my mind when under a time crunch—and at a lot of the names that didn't (until after the timer rang).

Give it a try and see what names come up for you. It's a great warm-up before diving into a writing session and may inspire your next character name.

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