Copywriting vs. Content Writing

When it comes to freelance writing, there are several different types of assignments available. One distinction is between jobs which fall under either the category of copywriting or content writing.

Each of these writing styles has its own approach, but both require skills that can be blended to create more effective, attention-getting articles.

In essence, the difference between copywriting and content writing is simple. Copywriting typically refers more toward advertising, while content writing is more focused on simply providing information or "content."


When working on copywriting jobs, your focus will usually be on promoting an item or service. Some examples of copywriting jobs include:

  • Writing product descriptions for a catalog
  • Writing advertisements for an upcoming sales event
  • Writing promotional materials for a hotel or inn

The approach of copywriting is to sell something. You goal is to persuade readers to buy a product, sign up for a service, book a vacation or otherwise invest in whatever you are promoting.

Copywriting often uses more energetic writing (e.g. Act now! Don't miss out!) and emotional appeals (e.g. Be the envy of your friends! Let us help you reach your dream.) Some clients want a harder sell, while others prefer a more subtle, less pushy approach.

Content Writing

Instead of being used to sell a product or service, content writing is typically designed to inform or entertain. Some examples might include:

  • Describing health conditions on a medical website
  • Writing how-to guides for a home improvement company
  • Offering real estate advice for new homebuyers

Content writing may touch on a particular service or product, but it is not focused on promoting it. Blog posts, like this one, often fall under the category of content writing. The tone and perspective may vary widely, depending on the approach of the writer (or at the request of the client). 

Blending copywriting and content writing

Sometimes, magazines and websites use a blend of both copywriting and content writing styles. A good example of this is an advertorial piece. With an advertorial, your goal is to create an article that reads like informational content, while subtly selling a product or service. 

If you look through magazines or newspapers, you will sometimes see articles that are stamped with the word "advertisement" or are followed by a disclaimer telling readers that it is a paid advertisement. These are advertorials. 

Even when you are not writing an advertorial, you can use some copywriting skills to make your content writing more engaging and energetic. On the flip side, strong content writing skills will often help your copywriting assignments have a more natural feel.

Experiment with both styles to enhance your freelance writing skills.


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