Eternal Sunshine of My Spotless Mind?

I think someone is systematically erasing my life. Seriously. And it's starting to be a bit disturbing.

Do I sound paranoid? Perhaps. But when you start to look at the facts an unsettling picture emerges: Significant places in my life tend to disappear. Or rather, they are reshaped and rebranded into something different than they were when I knew them. It's like an inverse of the witness protection program. Instead of The Man changing my identity, the places in my past are being altered.

The latest in the list of changing entities? Minerals Management Services. While I never was a government employee, I was once an IT consultant at MMS. It was a job in my distant past, but one that I thought would be immune from this surreptitious erasure of which I have become increasingly aware. After all, government agencies aren't exactly known for frequent change.

Hot in Cleveland - I'm Hooked

Wendie Malick, Jane Leeves, Valerie Bertinelli, and Betty White. And it's set in Cleveland. How could I not watch?

So, I set a season pass and still watched the Hot in Cleveland pilot in real time (which, for me, is saying a lot!). Then I left the encore on while typing this post. Two viewings, one opinion: These ladies are off to a good start!

Yes, it's formulaic--but in a charming, comfortable way. And yes, it's predictable--but it's a pilot and it's main purpose was to set up the (rather contrived) premise.