Baby G Up a Tree

For the third time in three years, we have a groundhog taking up residence under our deck.

There was Mr. G, our O.G. (original groundhog) who seemed kind of old and docile. There was Fatty G, an extra roly-poly guy who was clearly younger and feistier than Mr. G. Now, we have Baby G.

Baby G is noticeably smaller than the others with a shorter tail and plump little body. He's also given us the most entertainment-- like today when he climbed about 15-20 feet up a tree!

I had no idea that groundhogs could climb trees. Boy2 was cleaning his (second-story) room when he happened to spot Baby G looking in his window. He sounded the camera alert and the family gawked as Baby G shimmied up to a higher branch.

We figure he was either surveying the area, hiding from a predator, or contemplating the meaning of life. In the case of the latter, we were chanting "Don't jump!" (But quietly so we wouldn't startle him.)

His tree climbing adventure didn't last long. After a few minutes, Baby G snapped out of his pensive gaze, scurried down the tree, and sprinted back to shelter. Unfortunately, said shelter seems to be expanding and his digging has earned him a nice relocation package.

After trapping and moving both Mr. G and Fatty G, we're getting to be quite good at it. A bit of raw broccoli in the cage gets them every time. The only trouble is finding a nice wooded area amid the rapid development, but I have a few places in mind.

We'll all be sad to see Baby G go, but there comes a time when we have to decide that potential damage to the foundation of our house is not worth having a resident groundhog- no matter how adorable. At least we've had a little time to observe his antics and learn more about groundhogs.

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