TiMER: Don't Call it a Rom-Com

I just finished watching one of those great original movies that most people may never hear about: TiMER, starring Emma Caulfield. (Yes, Anya of BtVS fame) 

Though it's marketed as an indie rom-com, the movie is so much more than that. TiMER is romantic, and it is funny, but it's also complex, troubling and thought provoking. And TiMER is sci-fi, but in that gentle, alternate reality way where even those who claim to hate the genre can get on board.

Basically, TiMER is set in a world where true love is guaranteed by a plastic wrist implant that counts down until the day you meet your soulmate. Everyone's eligible to have a timer implanted as soon as they start 9th grade, but some people wait longer or don't get one at all. So what do you do if your timer says you won't find true love until late in life? Or worse, what if it stubbornly stays blank?

Oona (Emma Caulfield) has just that problem. At nearly 30, her blank timer has given her no guidance on meeting her true love, and she's getting desperate. She's sure he's out there, but if he never gets a timer, she'll never have her guarantee. And then there's the hot guy whose timer proves he can't be her One...

TiMER explores so many questions about the concept of a pre-destined soulmate. If there was a device that could perfectly match up true love, how would you know that your feelings were real and not the result of a self-fulfilling prophesy? If you knew the exact day when you would meet your other half, what would you do with your life up until then? If you had the chance at guaranteed love, could you ever be happy just trusting in your own feelings?

It also works in a slew of other ideas, too. Like how people, and their families, deal with unexpected--and less than ideal--couplings. Or what a belief in pre-determined soulmates says about a failed marriage that still produced wonderful, loved children.

So far, TiMER is only playing in a couple of theaters in California and New York-- BUT, you can rent it through Amazon On-Demand and watch it in your own home for less than the cost of a single theater ticket. Yep- that's an unsolicited sales pitch, because great indie films rarely make it into "theaters everywhere". Just don't expect a simple rom-com, because TiMER is so much more.

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