Manipulative Me

I haven't been much for the photography lately - just too busy with other things - but I was fooling around with Photoshop filters the other day and thought I'd share... (click any of the photos to see them larger, more detail)

First up, a color chalk and charcoal me (left). I wish I could actually draw with chalk like that. But then I'd probably draw a lot and everything I owned would be covered in a fine layer of colorful dust. Which might be cool, messy though.

Next is ghostly me (above right). Yep, that's how I might look as a ghost, all glowy and shiny. But not see-through, because I'm not that kind of a ghost.

I like this one (left) because it's just wacky and pointless. (The others have a point? Um, no.)

Then there's stained glass me (right). If anyone's thinking of canonizing me, here's how I might look in a church window.

Black and white me (below left) is pretty standard, but with a little glow to give it some pop, or maybe a hint of quasi-ghostliness.

Then there's this pastel sketch sort of me (right) which isn't so hot. It was an early attempt and not my favorite. The lines are too heavy and overall it's just kind of... bleh.

But it's here anyway. So I guess we should be nice to it.

And that's it, for now. Photoshop effects are kind of addictive though, so maybe more will show up. It's silly good fun, and waaay cheaper than plastic surgery. Can you imagine how much it would cost to make myself look like stained glass in real life?


  1. Personally, I like the pastel sketch best...

  2. You know, when looking at the smaller versions of them on here, I kinda agree. But when I look at them in full size, there are things I don't like about it - or rather, things I would have done differently when making it.

    Maybe I should give that technique another pass sometime.