Bricks Breaking - My New Obsession

Damn the Internet and it's addictive time-sucking puzzle games! No- wait... I love the Internet with it's addictive and challenging puzzle games. Puzzle games... logic in colorful, convenient, rewarding packages... Mmmm, like crack for us semi-Vulcan types.

Bricks Breaking from is my latest obsession. (On my laptop. Bookworm is currently tops on my iPhone, especially since I got it on sale for $0.99. Sweet!)

I think Bricks Breaking may be my favorite for a long time to come. (Yeah, I always think that at first, but this time's different... really!) Here's why:
Pros --

1. It's on Facebook, so I don't have to create an account at MindJolt and visit another page. (Though I tend to keep it open in one tab and have another tab open with Facebook, so that's kind of nutty and illogical.)

2. It's not timed. I can start a game and leave it open all day (or for days) and work at it when I have a few minutes free. Lately it's been: write an article, clear a board, write an article, clear a board, do some editing, clear a board... You get the idea.

3. It's rather zen-like. At the beginning you sort of dive in and start shaking things up, especially when there are large color blocks. But you have to keep focus on not stranding any lonely little bricks (more on how to play in a minute). It's simple to play, but takes a bit of focus and advance planning which I find meditative.

4. It's also not on Facebook. So when Facebook is slow (or under attack, thanks to the hackers who have nothing better to do than disrupt our quasi-imaginary social lives) I can get my fix at MindJolt.

Cons --

1. Um.... Hmm.... Nope, no cons. Guess I'm in the Honeymoon phase.

How it Works: The game is super simple to learn. The screen is full of colored bricks. You clear the bricks by clicking on groups of the same color (two or more that are together). The only way to clear bricks that are all by themselves is to use a Magic Wand. But you only have 5 Magic Wands per game, so you want to clear the boards without having to use them as often as possible.

I haven't been playing long, but my current high score is 326,637. Nearly half of that was before using a single Magic Wand, but then I started screwing up a few boards.

Okay, going to go play another round, then I'm stepping away from the laptop and getting on with my non-virtual life. ... Or maybe 2 rounds, or 3. 3 is a nice place to stop.

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