How To Stay Focused When You Work at Home

Working from home is living the dream. Sort of. There's no commute, no inter-office small talk, no public bathrooms to navigate or irritating coworkers to avoid. But it isn't all rainbows and roses.

When you work from home, you still have to work. From home. Which can be pretty difficult with all the ready distractions and lack of watchful eyes. It's especially challenging when you set your own hours. So much freedom! So many choices! So much TV... and a full fridge... and...

Some work-from-home articles will focus on recreating an office environment in your own home. They tell you to create an efficient work space, dress as if you were in the office, set regular hours, etc. None of that has ever worked for me.

Literal Wordplay for the Literally Wordwise

Once upon a time, literally meant actual. But why stick to those guns when figurative speech is the spice of life? Metaphor paints a picture and similes make meanings as clear as the calm blue sea.

As clear as a bell.

As clear as crystal.

As clear as the tears of a clown.

Idioms add color for those in the know. Slang separates the white bread from those who are hip AF.

3 Questions to Be Present and Stay Productive

*Note: This post was shared from my yoga blog:

Here we are again. Early January. The beginning of a new year. Many people see the new year as a time to start fresh and "get it right." But I have mixed feelings about new year's resolutions. I don't think a new year magically resets my life or makes it any easier to grow and change.

Change isn't tied to a calendar. Change happens with effort. Every day--every moment, every breath--is another chance to slow down, look inside, and find a way to work on the changes you would like to make in your life.

Still, it's hard to avoid some added introspection at the beginning of a new year. Especially when Jan. 1 of my five-year question-a-day journal asks, "What's your mission?"

A to Z Character Name Game

Alphabet word games are a great way to get your creativity flowing. For this one, let's focus on character names.

Some people love choosing character names, others hate it. I like to get inspiration from sites like Behind the Name or Social Security's Popular Baby Names. But this writing exercise is less about choosing great character names and more about seeing how many first names you can recall when under the clock.

Thanksgiving Misgivings

I don't mean to be a downer, but I have some issues with the holiday we're about to celebrate.

On the positive side, Thanksgiving offers an opportunity for family and friends to gather together, whether traveling great distances or driving just across town.

Thanksgiving inspires many to donate to food drives, help out at soup kitchens, or reach out to those who are alone on the holiday. It promotes gratitude and appreciation for the positive things in our lives.

Yet, there are darker aspects of this holiday: