Where to Find Writing Prompts

Writing is an art and, like any art, it takes practice to improve. There are many ways to practice, including free-writing in a journal, rewriting an older piece or working from a writing prompt. Writing prompts are particularly useful because they spark your imagination and may take you outside of your comfort zone. But where can you find interesting writing prompts?

Copywriting vs. Content Writing

When it comes to freelance writing, there are several different types of assignments available. One distinction is between jobs which fall under either the category of copywriting or content writing. Each of these writing styles has its own approach, but both require skills that can be blended to create more effective, attention-getting articles.

What To Ask Before Accepting a Writing Assignment

Whether you are offered a new writing assignment through a query you initiated or through a previously established connection, there's some basic information you will need to know before accepting the job.

The Old Hospital

There was no electricity in the old hospital, yet sunlight, streaming through broken window panes, cast a pale glow over the empty rooms. The building had been condemned, and bold signs ineffectively warned trespassers away. College kids arrived at night, leaving beer bottles and cigarettes in their wake. Daytime brought younger teens who played hide-and-seek through the crumbling interior.

The Clown

Evie was in Venice when she first saw the clown. She was there on a vacation with her two best friends, three days after their college graduation. Four hard years of studying, six months of saving. The decadent trip was a dream they had worked toward together. Evie, Sarah and Adele.